Milano Handpan Festival will be back the second weekend of June (12/13/14) with a brend new engaging and exciting edition, its 4th!

The event will be hosted in a countryhouse inside of Milano, just few kilometers from the center (www.cascinet.it) and it will be a handpan players, music and musician from the world, theatre and various performer kermesse which it will be of the duration of 3 days.

During the period Milano will be the center of the world about his Expo, we will be there with a cultural event imagined to give full acces to positive values, civil theatre, counter-information, magic vibrations and music from all over the world to share, all immerse in an amazing ambient.

The word will inspire the Festival will be “Strange”: “Strange vibrations, strange theatre, strange world music”, through wellknow and appreciated handpan players from the whole handpan community, players and enthusiast, professional actors and dancers and extraordinary musicians from all over the world.
Because in a world of imperative omologation we think that only through artistic experiences we can be back to express our umanity!

Inside of the Festival area there will be: concert area, workshop area, kids area, restaurant and bar, a healing area where you can take advantage to take care of your body and not only of your mind and fhe Flea Market Area.

Moreover there will be some event, more or less collateral like a ruffle, debates and the proiection of an international documentary.

We will keep you updated as soon as possible about definion of the artists and everything can be useful to let you enjoy this exciting adventure.

 CLIC HERE to have a look of our video in youtube