Riciclette_Handpan Festival 2018
14 June 2018 By Handpan Festival

The project Riciclette was born as a game. In 2015, 5 friends gather in a basement placed between the Orta and Maggiore lakes, near Novara, in Piedmont, performing in their own way more or less famous songs coming from the south of the world. They experience different genre, from patchanka to folk. Riciclette come from the south of Italy (Campania and Sicily). Each of them give the band features, musical taste, timbres, sensitivity and different touch of colors. All self-taught, experiment, ricycle and arrange sounds and international textures. Atmospheres are always warm even if they vary in their shades.
Riciclette are composed by:
Nina: Voice and little instruments
Fra: Voice and little instruments
Giulia: Guitar and voice
Dany: Ukulele and little instruments
Fede: Djembe’, cajon and little instruments