OrangeDuo + workshop of DIDJERIDOO
28 June 2017 By Handpan Festival

At the Handpan Festival 2017 will be the OrangeDuo, 8th july!

2 musicians, un #didjeridoo, una #batteria, 100 minutes of pure adrenaline.
Gianluca Rosso : DRUM
Manuel Ramu : DIDJERIDOO
Since 2006


Workshop of DIDJERIDOO of Manuel Ramu

– Introduction to the dynamics of didjeridoo
– Learning the “drone” sound base
– Harmonics
– Using voice
– Introduction to circular breathing
– The positions of mouth, lips and tongue
– To love the didjeridoo.
– For those who have already mastered circular breathing:
We will understand how to create and compose rhythms
Using tongue and jaw and taking advantage of breathing
– “Toot” or trumpet effect.
– The didjeridoo is an intimate instrument
– It is the didjeridoo that forges style.

Sunday 9 July from 11.30 to 13.30. Cost: 30 €.
The course is a number closed, please sign up by sending mail to:
BioAgriturismo Casa Corra
Loc. Roncovetro di Vedriano, 42026 Canossa