24 April 2015 By Handpan Festival

During Milano Handpan Festival 2015 there will be an event with at least one hour free stage before the beginning of the showcases by artists in line up, called BUSKERS FREE STAGE where WHOEVER plays, handpan preferbly, and it’s used to make art on the streets is welcome to exhibit on the stage and show […]

24 April 2015 By Handpan Festival

As tradition of Milan Handpan Festival invite all participants to bring a musical instrument, also created for the occasion, to animate the various jam that will be organized in the spaces provided. For Saturday, June 13 then, closing the evening concert, we will organize a magic circle musical frame of dances and energy, to create […]

23 April 2015 By Handpan Festival

Yesterday 22 april was the day of the vernal equinox and the day when it is celebrala “Earth Day”, the name used to refer to the day when we celebrate the environment and save the planet Earth. And today we announce that we also following the tradition, Saturday, June 13 at 18:30, like Milan Handpan […]

17 April 2015 By Handpan Festival

As a fourth guest here are the CAIROMAXUM, a musical group that blends the rhythms of the Middle East with sounds of the world, through spiritual and ancient instruments and actors of our short movie DRUM DRAMA. Video:

Paolo Agrati
9 April 2015 By Handpan Festival

Second guest Paolo Agrati, poet and actor. One of the main Italian Slammer . He is narrator and singer in Spleen Orchestra . This is his website:  This is his website: paoloagrati.wordpress.com  Video – Amore & Psycho Booktrailer: here

Lauri Wuolio
3 April 2015 By Handpan Festival

Kumea Sound (live performance)  Acoustic New Age music or rust-colored doomsday gamelan. The throbbing heart: the deep and resonant thrum of the cupola, an acoustic instrument resembling a flying saucer forged out of steel. Next to the instrument a vinyl turntable spins, summoning deep, textured rhythms and organic noisescapes. Kumea Sound, a solo act by […]

Poster “Alien Vibrations”
2 April 2015 By Handpan Festival

The second official poster of Milan Handpan Festival 2015, was made with her unique style by Piera Persia, the creative agency Megafono Rosso , one of the official sponsors of the Festival!

Poster Handpan Sfiggy®
1 April 2015 By Handpan Festival

One of the official posters of Milan Handpan Festival 2015 is realized by Alessio Bolognesi, that will draw even the official T-shirt after achieving the last Baskers Festival of Ferrara. “Sfiggy is me, is all of us! He is the part of our souls that wants to remain a child so to still be amazed […]

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