24 June 2019 By Handpan Festival

Dan Mulqueen is an American multi-instrumentalist from New Jersey. Dan’s music is centered around an instrument called the “Handpan”, an instrument created in 2001 in Switzerland. This instrument allows the player to create a rhythm and a melody simultaneously using only the hands.
Determined to push the limits of music revolving around this instrument, Dan’s playing style is both beautifully melodic and intensely percussive. His stylistic approach invites the listener to experience elements of multiple genres of music all housed in one easily digestible format. While keeping the handpan as the center piece of his compositions, Dan’s recordings also feature instruments such as upright bass, piano, electronic beats, guest vocals and more.
Dan has over 18 years of percussion experience in genres like hip-hop, rock, reggae, trip-hop, electronic, blues and latin. When asked about how these genre’s inspire his writing process, Dan responded “…it’s important to me to take my favorite elements of multiple genres and blend them into something different. You’d be really surprised how open people are to music when they can identify with even a tiny element of it.”
No matter what kind of music you’re into, Dan has something in his music catalog for you. His music spans across multiple genres and grabs the attention of both casual music listeners and die-hard music lovers. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of Dan Mulqueen and the handpan!

Website: http://www.danmulqueen.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danmulqueenmusic/
Instagram: @danmulqueen
Twitter: @danmulqueen
Bandcamp: https://danmulqueen.bandcamp.com/

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