Cristina Piccoli
22 May 2015 By Handpan Festival

CRISTINA SAGHEERAH (Cristina Piccoli), dancer and teacher. He performed in Italy and abroad, in themed events including the most important: Milan theater Carcano, Gothla (MI), Rome, Paris to the show “French Touch”, Glastonbury (UK) at the festival Majma, Castignano (AP) Templaria Medieval Festival, Florence (the thousand faces of the goddess) etc .; important events such […]

14 May 2015 By Handpan Festival

ALESSANDRA GIOIA BELLY DANCE FUSION. Alessandra, dancer and teacher of belly dance and tribal fusion. She begins to dance only 5 years old, is formed in ballet, modern, contemporary, hip hop, and in fact in the oriental dance and the fusion technique, an approach more technical and modern. The workshop is offering technical and heating […]